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Zap triggering on all Intercom conversation tags instead of specific tag set in trigger

I have set up a Zap with an INtercom trigger Tag Added to Conversation in Intercom, and have chosen a particular tag for the trigger to trigger on , but when the Zap is live its triggering on all conversations that get tag with any tag.



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Hi @Stuart_partner happy to help here! For additional context surrounding the issue, can you please upload some screenshots so we can take a closer look of your Zap setup? Please be mindful to any sensitive or identifying information. 

As you can see in the below image I have a tag entered and the test passed, but when adding any tag in an Intercom chat will trigger the action, the action I have setup is using the API Request (Beta) in Intercom


SOrry forgot to add Intercom screenshot, see here I added a tag other then the one in the Zap and the action was triggered


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Hey there, @Stuart_partner - thanks for sharing those extra details!

I did some digging and it sounds like you’re running into a known bug with Intercom where “Tag Added to Conversation” triggers on all tags regardless of the one selected. I’ve added you as an impacted user and we’ll be sure to email you once a fix is live. There’s also main thread here that we’ll be keeping updated:

There’s also a workaround mentioned in the thread that may we worth giving a shot!

Full transparency though due to a second somewhat related bug in Intercom this issue is a bit compounded and the workaround will require a few extra steps.

Sorry to not have better news but appreciate you flagging this here!

I’m encountering the same issue as above, is there a fix planned or a workaround (not limited to 1 tag/conversation) ? 


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Hi there @YouYou,

I have added you as another affected member to the bug report. While I don’t have an exact timeframe on the bug’s fix. We will let you know via email once there is.

In the meantime, the only workaround I could find is mentioned on this Community post linked by christina.d:

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Hi folks, just following up here to share that there’s been a recent update released for the Intercom app which has fixed the issue with the Tag Added to Conversation trigger! 😁🎉

So now, if a specific tag is selected in the trigger's setup, the Zap only run when that specific tag is added to a Conversation in Intercom.

That said, if you continue to experience issues with the Tag Added to Conversation trigger please get in touch with our Support team to investigate further. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡