Zap triggering despite deletion and disabling of all Zaps in ClickFunnels.

I have zaps firing no matter what, they don’t show in my history, and I can’t turn them off.

I have/had zapier connected with clickfunnels to fire when a user made a purchase. I made a completely new funnel in clickfunnels (all new URLS) without any zaps pointing to that new funnel URL and it would still fire off a zap. Oddly, they don’t show up in my history at all, so I can’t see which zap is firing, so I turned all zaps off, retested, and it’s still firing. So now I’ve gone ahead and deleted every single zap from my account, tested my funnel in a fresh browser with cookies/cache etc. cleared, and the zap IS STILL FIRING. I’ve reached out to zapier support, but they haven’t replied yet.


Has anyone else had this issue? Is there caching on zapier’s end that they need to clear? I’ve cleared my browser cache, website caching, and hosting cache, so shouldn’t be any of those. I did wait 3 days from turning off all of my zaps to deleting everything in the hopes that zapier support would actually help me.

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Hi @schmitt 

Good question.

Perhaps there are Zaps configured in a different Zapier account or configured in a different platform/app.

Can you provide proof that automations are still triggering? (e.g. screenshots)


Hey @Troy Tessalone I’ve checked with my team, and there shouldn’t be any other zap account connected to this, certainly not with this functionality.

I can’t really provide screenshots as mentioned, there’s nothing in my zapier account… The proof it’s running though is it was set up to trigger on a clickfunnels purchase, and communicates with ‘learndash’ (wordpress plugin) on my membership area and is creating a new user with only login access which is what the now deleted zaps were set up to do. There’s nothing else that communicates between clickfunnels and learndash, no api’s etc. they’re completely removed from each other.

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You’ll have to work with Zapier Support and provide them specific example details in order for them to try to troubleshoot and provide guidance:

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Hi @schmitt ,

Thanks for reaching out here and with Zapier support. They’re probably the best to help you out, but I’ll add that I’ve not heard of this being an issue before. (Doesn’t mean it isn’t one, just that I haven’t heard of it.)

The first two things that come to mind would be:

  1. Do you have to different accounts (i.e., sign-in email addresses), where you wouldn’t be able to see certain Zaps if you’re logged in as another user?
  2. Do you have different profiles set up? If you click on your face/icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the page you might be able to switch profiles and sees Zaps you can’t otherwise see

Those are just my first quick thoughts. Best of luck!