Zap stops due to missing line items discount value in Xero from Shopify order.

  • 14 February 2024
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Im transferring order invoices from Shopify directly into Xero, it works perfectly except one thing.

If there is a discount value on the order the spreadsheet style formula works great to turn the discount £ value into a % value.. perfect


If there is no discount on the order then when it hits the spreadsheet formula step the zap stops because there is no line items discount value.

My question is how do i create a step to check if there is no line items discount value then skip the spreadsheet formula step and move to step 3 and just create the invoice?


5 replies

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Hi @ine items discount is missing 

One option may be to add this step: Formatter > Text > Default

Thank you @Troy Tessalone 

Can you elaborate a bit further, where would i add this step, straight after the shopify trigger? and how would i add this?

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@ine items discount is missing 

You would add it before your other Formatter step, then map the output to that Formatter step so there is always a value to prevent the error.

@Troy Tessalone Hi, would you be able to build a zap for me? Its to do with the above which am having a lot of difficulty with, obviously would pay you.

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Hi @ine items discount is missing 

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