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Zap sends contacts to two lists in GetResponse while it should to one

Hey, I have a zap that sends users to a list in GetResponse once they make a payment.


Actually, two different zaps (GR 6MO and GR 12MO), that are supposed to send users to two different lists:

CopyThinking Community + Copy Matrix Course (12MO)

CopyThinking Community + Copy Matrix Course (6MO)


But for some reason, the 6MO one sends users to both the 6MO list and the 12MO one. Where is the error? Zaps below

I’m a beginner, would appreciate your help here. Thank you!



Best answer by Brem 5 April 2023, 23:17

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Hi @jd8 

Good question.

Please provide full screenshots with how ALL of your Zap steps are configured.

It’s likely the Filter in step 2 is not configured correctly.

Hey Troy, thank you so much for trying to help!


I have 3 zaps all together. The third one is called ‘Skool’. Skool is the platform at which I have the community to which people are invited after making a purchase.


Please see full screenshots of all the steps for all the 3 zaps. Would be amazing if you managed to make sense of it.








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Notice how the 2 Filters are configured differently.


The way this Filter conditions are configure it will always evaluate to TRUE and pass the Filter step since the left side is being compared to itself on the right side.





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Hi @jd8 

I checked your screenshots and found out that the field used in step 2 (right side) of the GR 12MO Zap was a dynamic field which caused it to send to be sent to both lists.

95ae7ddb528d1a5180762c7e22689e02.pngPlease use a static field in the step 2 (right side) of that Zap. Simply type: The CopyThinking Community + The Copy Matrix Course (12 Months Access).

Omg yes! You guys are amazing! @Brem @Troy Tessalone

Thank you so much!

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Hi @jd8 

You’re welcome!