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Zap from Documate - does not change variable types in Zapier when trying to map

  • 28 October 2022
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I have created a zap that performs these steps.


Step 1 - Complete Documate Interview

Step 2 - If it’s a unique record, create a Contact in Clio

Step 3 - Create a Matter in Clio

A few days ago, we decided to change some of the variable types in the Documate workflow. 
As one example we changed a text variable to a number variable, to match the integer field in Clio.
Another example, we changed a true/false variable to a dropdown variable because we needed to add one more option.

However, when I go back in to Zapier, no matter how many times I refresh, test with new interviews in Documate, etc… the new versions of those variables will not pull in. 

One specific example: I have a variable {[ResidencyYears]}.  We initially had it as text variable in Documate because we thought we would have the user type in the word “years” after the number.  Later we determined to change {[ResidencyYears]} to a number variable.  However, when we try to map it in Zapier,  it still recognizes it as “text”, rather than “999” and we get an error.  (I am temporarily using the formatter to deal with that particular variable.  However, because there are other variables we are having issues with, I thought I need to find out if this is unique to Documate variables, or if others have had similar issues.)  


Is there any way to fix this? Or do I have to totally recreate this Zap?

Further - is there a way to use a zap to map a text variable in Documate to a picklist field in Clio?

Thank you!






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Hi @VirtualPro 

Good question.

Try duplicating the Zap and reconfigure the variable mappings between the steps, sometimes that does the trick.

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Hey there @VirtualPro! Were you able to try out Troy’s recommendation on duplicating the Zap and reconfiguring? 

I have been out of the office today.  I will give it a shot on Monday.


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Hey @VirtualPro no worries! Keep us posted with how things go today! 🙂

Well… back to the drawing board.  
Duplicating and re-mapping did not do the trick.  It is still showing the old Dcoumate variable types.  I am going to run a test w/ a completly new zap and a few of those variables.  If that doesn’t work, I’m wondering if I  just need to create completely new variable names on the Documate side and delete the old ones.

So, I created a completely new, fresh zap, using the same Documate interview, and when it pulled in the variables for the test, it did indeed pull in the correct variable types.  

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Hi @VirtualPro!

Fantastic, I’m really glad that starting a new Zap found the variables that you need. For your question about mapping text fields to the drop down fields in Clio, if you still need some help with that could I ask you to post a new question? That’ll make it easier for members to see what the question is and help out. If you do, including a screenshot of the Clio dropdown list as you see it in the Zapier editor would be super helpful.