Zap error: result_message: Could not add contact; missing email address

  • 26 April 2023
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I have a zap running, FB Lead Ads > ActiveCampaign. There is no warning.
If i test the Zap with an existing  email adresses everthing works fine - contact is running into Active Campagin.

But as the FB Lead Ad is running now, no contct is running into Active Campaign. I

Im wondering about one message in the zap history which says:
result_message: Could not add contact; missing email address

Can you help me?



1 reply

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Welcome @Michaela.Dyck, thanks for joining the Community here!

Is the Facebook Lead Ads trigger in the Zap connected to a single form, or is it set to trigger from any form? 

If it’s set to trigger from any form, what can sometimes happen is that the different form fields have slightly different names to those that have been selected in the Zap. In cases like that your best best will be to set up Zaps for each individual form to ensure that the necessary form fields are all passed over to ActiveCampaign. 

If it’s set to a single form, did you set up the Zap using the default lead sample?

Asking as what can sometimes happen with the default sample is that, it’s fields don’t always match up to the fields that are sent from Facebook when the Zap runs live. In which case you’ll want to use the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool to create a sample that will contain the correct fields. Then you can then select those correct fields in the ActiveCampaign action. More on how to do that here: Use the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool to create sample leads

Hope that helps. Please do let us know whether either of those suggestions does the trick!