When a row is added to Notion Table Then Send an Intro Gmail - Troubleshoot

  • 29 June 2023
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Hey, I’m testing my first Zap in work, the goal is to add a new lead to Notion and for that person to get an automatic email from my Gmail account. 

I’ve added an Email field to my table in notion (not populated yet as I only want it to send the mail when a new contact is added).

Each time i test it I get the error (image)


HOWEVER - when i populate the to field with my email and test I will get the email… HAs anyone come across this problem previously?


1 reply

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Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with your Zap.

From the screenshot you shared, it looks like the problem might be with the "Source" data that's mapped in the "To" field. It seems that the "Source" data doesn't include an email, which is why the Gmail step is encountering an error.

Here's a suggestion: try skipping the action step by clicking on the "Skip test" button, then go ahead and publish the Zap. Once it's published, trigger the Zap and make sure that the "Source" field in your Notion app has valid email data when triggering the Zap.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 😊