Upload a file in Dropbox folder. The app returned "Not Found".

  • 21 October 2022
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have an issue uploading the file to the dropbox folder.
Step 1 - trigger submission

Step 2 - Create DB Folder

Step 3 - Upload file in the created folder - every time getting the error “The app returned "Not Found".

Please advise

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3 replies

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Hi @Strahil 


What exactly is the Trigger? Can you share screenshots of the current setup? In order to be able to upload the file it would probably look like “(Exists but not shown)” or a download link. 


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Hey there @Strahil!

I think Step 3 is going to be most important here.  If you are getting a 404/“Not Found” error, I would guess that is due to a misconfiguration of the “Folder” input.   You need to pass the `ID` field coming from the Create Folder step into the Upload File Folder field -- if the name or other details are passed that could generate an error like you mention here!

Moh mentioned something that would be helpful for us to see as well as the “Not Found” error could be happening due to us trying to fetch a file incorrectly for the Upload step itself.  If we could see the data coming from the trigger and the settings of the Upload File action, I am sure we can help!