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Update Inventory Quantity In Shopify “Not Found” Error

  • 26 April 2023
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I m trying to update the inventory quantity and facing the below error please let me know how to resolve it

This is the error



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Hi @Ifancy! 👋

Ah, we’ve see this happen before. It seems that the Product Variant field is actually wanting the Inventory Item ID instead of the variant’s ID. There’s a bug report open to get the text for that field altered to make it clearer what value needs to be entered. So I’ve gone ahead and added you to that to help increase it’s priority and ensure we’ll be able to notify you as soon as it’s fixed.

In the meantime, if step 8 doesn’t have the Inventory Item ID available to select, then you’ll want to try adding a Find Product Variant by Title (Shopify) action to get obtain the necessary Inventory Item ID value.

Hope that helps! 🙂

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Thanks for the update it worked

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Yay! Thanks for letting us know @Ifancy. So pleased using the Inventory Item ID field instead worked! 😁🎉