Trouble with category numbers, not text, displaying in Google Sheets from Brevo contact form.

  • 14 December 2023
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Je souhaite remplir un google sheet automatiquement lorsqu’un contact s’ajoute sur Brevo à partir d’un formulaire. 

Seulement, à la création de mon Google sheet sur Zappier, c’est le numéro de la catégorie que s’affiche et non le texte associé. Comment faire ? 


6 replies

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Hi @erikahauj 

Translated to English:

I would like to fill out a Google Sheet automatically when a contact is added to Brevo using a form.

However, when creating my Google sheet on Zapier, it is the category number that is displayed and not the associated text.

How to do?


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Help articles to reference for using GSheets in Zaps:

I have the same problem too. Did you solve it?

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Hi @Beauty Pro Lab, welcome to the Community! 👋

I’m not sure whether @erikahauj has already solved this, but it looks as those the ID number for the category is being sent to the Zap rather than the name of the category. For cases like that you can use a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) action to create a lookup table that converts the category IDs into the corresponding category name. 

You can learn more about how to use lookup tables in Zaps here: Create lookup tables in Zaps

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If you run into any issues or have any further questions at all do let us know! 

Hi, great solution. Too bad he creates me the third block that makes me activate the paid plan. I need this zap for a few units a month. Is there no way to do it for free?

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Apologies @Beauty Pro Lab, I didn’t realise you were on a Free plan.

Hmm, perhaps you could add an IFS function in the relevant field in your Google Sheets action to display the name of the value depending on what the number in the selected Brevo form field is? For example a formula like this should have the desired affect: =IFS({{categoryID}}=10, "Category Name 1", {{categoryID}}=11, "Category Name 2", {{categoryID}}=12, "Category Name 3")

Instead of {{categoryID}} you’d select the field from the Brevo trigger which would look something like this in practice:


And would result in the category being displayed as “Category Name 3” instead of “12”, in the spreadsheet. And would get around the issue of needing to add an additional action step.

You can learn more about Google Sheets IFS function formulas here:


Hope that helps. Let me know if you get stuck at all in adding that formula, happy to assist further! 🙂