Trouble publishing photos and setting featured image in Zapier for WordPress

  • 29 June 2023
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I am attempting to automatically publish posts to my Wordpress using Zapier. 

I have no trouble getting it to publish the text within the document but it will not allow me to post the photo in the document, nor will it let me set this same image as a ‘featured image’.

As far as I can tell, there no way to set ‘featured image’ as a dynamic value &/or to pull this image directly from the Google Document I am automating.


Let me know

1 reply

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Hi @Outsmart Labs 

Good question.

If the the desired field/functionality is not available, then often that can mean an advanced approach needs to be used with the app API.

WordPress API:

Zap Action: WordPress - API Request

If you need help consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert: