Testing step does not find sample, despite sample data being available

  • 19 December 2022
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Hi All, 

I have made a Zap, it works fine. When I attempt to reproduce the zap to make a zap template, I can do so, but when doing the testing step for the Formatter tool, I get “Sample not found ()” and the circle indicator spins forever:



Its a simple split formatter, taking the first item from a csv list.

Anyone got any tips about where I might be going wrong? 

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3 replies

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Hi @JamesC222!

I’ve not come across that error before, it’s a new one for me! There are a couple of things I can think to try:

  1. In the Zap editor go into the Formatter step and make it again, ie map all the relevant fields again. Do that and try testing the step again. 
  2. Skip the test for that step, turn the Zap on and test it live. 

I hope that helps, let us know how you get on!

Hi Danvers, 


Thanks very much for your answer. The outcome was that recreating allowed the tests to go ahead, BUT the output is wrong/unexpected. If I do this in a REGULAR ZAP, the output is as expected the first value. (please see the screenshots below:





HOWEVER! When I do the exact same thing on the ZAP TEMPLATE screen, I get a different result: 



As you can see, This only gives the output ​​​​​of ID:1 instead of the real output of “Output: Rachel”

Do you have any thoughts how to fix this? 

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Hi @JamesC222!

That’s a new one for me as well, and I’ve been at Zapier a long time 😲

Your best bet may be to contact our wonderful Support team, since they’ve got some extra troubleshooting tools at their disposal. This might also be a bug of some sort, which they can file for you. 

If you get more information about why this is happening, we’d love to hear it!