subzaps not taking input data

  • 24 April 2023
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I can’t seem to get my subzap to process input data.  I slimmed it down to simply accept one argument and then return that same argument to the calling zap.  It seems as though it’s returning the test data from when I was testing the subzap, regardless of what I’m sending it.  Is there a bug with subzaps?




8 replies

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Hey there @Google Forms ->, 👋
It looks like the sms information it’s sending back is going to be the same information it receives from the Zap every time it runs:

For example if the Sub-Zap was given a value of “Test 1” by the Zap, it will send the Zap back the same value “Test 1”. 

I’m not clear on what action step 2 of the Sub-Zap performs, but presumably it contains the necessary sms information that you’re wanting to send back to the main Zap. In which case, in step 3 (Return From a Sub-Zap) of the Sub-Zap, try selecting the relevant field from step 2 instead. I’m thinking that should help to get the correct information supplied back to the main Zap when it runs.

Can you give that a go and let us know how you get on?

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Step 2 is just a slack event to send me the value of ‘sms’.  I have the sub-zap turned on, but when I call it from another zap, it will always send back the test data that was used when I was testing the subzap, not the live data that is being sent from the zap.  Also, the zap history for the subzap is always empty.

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What’s also odd is that the Slack message never arrives in step 2 when it’s called live.  It works when I step through the subzap, but not when it’s called from another zap.  

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Ah ok, so the Sub-Zap is just used to send out a Slack message. Thanks for clarifying that @Google Forms ->

Can you please share a screenshot of the settings for the Call a Sub-Zap action for one of the Zaps that’s calling this Sub-Zap? Please remove/hide any sensitive information (names, emails etc.) from any screenshots before sharing. And can you also share some screenshots showing the Data In and Data Out (on the same Call a Sub-Zap action), for a recent run of the Zap? Asking as us folks in Community can’t look into your account. So that will help us to see exactly what information is selected in the Zap, as well as what it attempted to send over to the Sub-Zap and what it received back. I’m hoping that will help to shed some light on what might be causing the issue here.

Yes, that issue with the Slack step is very odd indeed! Can you share a screenshot showing the settings and fields that have been selected for that step of the Sub-Zap? I’d like to just double-check whether there’s a potential issue in the set up that might be preventing the information from being sent.

Thanks, will be keeping an eye out for your reply here!

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Here’s the call:


 and here’s what happens when I test it:



Like I mentioned before, “test4” is the test data when I was testing the zap manually:



Also, even though the subzap seems to be firing and returning “test4” (incorrectly), the slack message on step 2 is not firing, nor is zap history.  I’ve recreated the subzap from scratch and the same thing happens.


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Hi @Google Forms -> 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

Note: Once a Sub-Zap is set up and switched on, testing the action that calls it from within the Parent Zap does not trigger the Sub-Zap. Only calls to the Sub-Zap from the live environment will cause the Sub-Zap to execute.

I checked the screenshots and can’t find any reasons why it’s not working.

I can see that the Support Team replied to your ticket, and you’re in conversation with them. In this case, it will be best to keep the conversation going with them as they can dig into the error logs of your Zap with you to look for the cause of the errors.

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Hiya - I have the exact same issue. It’s it is frustrating to only know whether the sub zap will work after a live event has occurred. Not being able to debug with data from the parent zap and have to hard-code fields to test exacerbates what could a huge time saver.

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Hi there @Cameron31232,

I understand your frustration. Debugging Zaps, especially those involving sub-zaps, can indeed be challenging without real-time data from the parent Zap.

One workaround you might consider is creating a test event that mimics the live event as closely as possible. This way, you can test your sub-zap without waiting for a live event to occur.

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction.