Stripe's New Payment trigger doesn't return a customer's email address.

  • 27 March 2023
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I have a problem that I think is very easy to fix, but i can’t work it out. I’m adding a new Zap when someone completes a purchase in Stripe an email gets sent to a Mailerlite group, but when I get to the MailerLite step is always fails. I add in Customer Details Email as the data I want to capture but this always seems to be the error. Image attached. What am I doing wrong? I also first added my Mailerlite API when I was on the Classic version and now I’m on the new version, could the error be to do with that?



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6 replies

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Help article about how to change your trigger test data:

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Hi, Ken. Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by skip the action step. Do you mean delete the action step so there would only be a trigger?

I just added my own email address as a test and it has ‘Successfully’ completed a zap, but the subscriber wasn’t added to the group.

I’m also confused that by adding a specific email here, that would mean it would only pull it data if it was this exact email address?


I’m also

trying to get help from the Zapier email support but it’s taking a very long time!

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Hey @MikeeM,

Jumping in to see if I can help! Sometimes the trigger doesn’t return some data like customer information such as email address. What you can do here is to SKIP the action step to stop the Zap from erroring in the testing phase.

After skipping the action step, publish the Zap and try triggering the Zap while it’s published and monitor the Zap History to see if the email address gets returned in the “Data In/Out” section.

Please keep us posted on what you see in the Zap History.

Thanks! 😊

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Thanks for the replies.

As I’m making the Zap and add in the action - to add an email address to a MailerLite group after a purchase is made in Stripe - it doesn’t give me an option to add an actual email address. Should it be giving me an option to do that at this stage?

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Hi @MikeeM 

Taking a look at the screenshot, it means an email wasn’t provided in the Stripe trigger. Was there an email provided in the trigger sample that was selected?

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Hi @MikeeM 

Good question.

For the screenshot, there is no email address value, thus the error. (e.g. “No data”)

I’ve noticed for some Stripe transactions that sometimes the Custom Email does not exist, but an email address may exist in other data points such as the billing email or shipping email.