Split Text Output Not Making it To Later Steps

  • 2 May 2023
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I have a split text formatter step, it's input is a list pulled from zapier storage it outputs separate fields.

I'm using these separate fields as an input to another step, but for some reason, sometimes they just don't make it. Instead of seeing the values from "Data Out" at the appropriate "Data In" I see something like “{{191770771__output__Item 1}}"

The zap doesn't error.

Is it possible the later step is trying to pull the info before the formatter step is complete?

sometimes it works, though I can’t find any pattern to success or failure.

Any input is appreciated.


1 reply

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Hey there @alexhughes312,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

If you ever come across those curly braces ({{...}}) around entries in the Data In of an action, it means that there is a field mapped in the Zap Editor, but for some reason, the data didn't make it through from a previous step when the Zap ran live.

There are some potential solutions to fix this. You can check out this helpful document for more information: It should guide you through some possible fixes!


Hopefully, this helps! 😊