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Slack: Trigger for Bot Messages set to "No," but still getting a bot message loop

  • 18 September 2020
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Hi, I’ve set up a Zap for whenever there’s a message posted to a Slack channel, a Clubhouse story is created (works great), and then a message posts back to the Slack thread (works great) to close the loop.

My initial Slack action is set to Trigger for bot messages?: No, and the messages are indeed coming through as from a bot. The Zap, however, is triggering on these bot messages, creating an endless loop.

  1. The Zap is as follows:
    When a Slack message is posted in channel #bugs, (that isn’t a bot)
  2. Create a story in Clubhouse
  3. Then post a message back to the Slack thread using the timestamp.

Initially this works great, and posts to the thread a single time. Then the loop starts and the 3rd part of the Zap starts posting into the main channel.

Anyone dealt with this before? Any workarounds?


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7 replies

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Hi there @rtourtelot - Thanks for posting this! Looks like you’ve found a bug. That said, we’ve reported this issue to the development team responsible to alert them. We won’t have an ETA but with your name added to the list of affected users, you will be contacted directly once we have an update to share. Thank you!

Hi @steph.n , this has been over a year now , has this been fixed  ? This is practically unusable without this being fixed as I cannot post back a message on the channel without it going in an infinite loop ?

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Welcome to the Community, @rk-cowboy!

It looks as though that bug is still open unfortunately. You’ve been added as an affected user which helps to increase it’s priority. We don’t have an ETA but we’ll be in touch by email as soon as it’s been sorted.

Until then, one workaround would be to add a Filter step to the Zap. And have the Filter condition set to only continue if the value in the is_bot field is (Boolean) Is false". That should prevent the Zap from running if it’s a message posted by a bot. More details on how to setup filter steps can be found here: Add conditions to Zaps with filters

Hope that workaround helps in the meantime! :)

We are affected by this as well. Adding an extra step should not be the right solution as it uses up one more task action from the quota.

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Hi @shimaoz 


I’ve added you to the list of affected user. We’ll send an update once available. Thank you!

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Same bug here, it’s been over two years since it was reported and it still doesn’t work 😂

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Hi @Robby2023! Thanks for letting us know you’re running into the same bug. I’ve added you to the list of affected users, which helps the team to prioritize bug fixes and feature requests. We’ll send you an email when we have an update on the issue.