Shopify error: Please enter a value for either "Adjust Quantity By" or "Set Quantity To", but not both.

  • 12 March 2024
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I'm doing an inventory integration between Squarespace and Shopify, but I'm getting this error. Could you please help me find out what I should enter in these fields?

If I leave the fields blank, then it shows this error:


7 replies

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Hi there @yadwinder 👋

Welcome to the Community! It looks as though the value for the Product Variant Inventory ID field is filled out correctly. But for the Adjust Quantity By field you’d instead want to select the relevant field from the Squarespace form that contains the number of products that’s being selected:


I’d also suggest adding the minus modifier (-) if the number on the Squarespace form should take away that many items from the current total available. E.g. if the selected field from the Squarespace form contains the number 2 then it would read it as -2 and remove 2 items from the total available for that specific product variant.

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If I’ve misunderstood or you run into any further trouble on that do let us know!

Hi @SamB , Thank you.

It's now connected. However, I want to update inventory according to Squarespace inventory. Currently, the inventory in Squarespace is 15

I have tried to do this, but it's not working

It is working now. The quantity in Shopify is 1

I want an automatic process for inventory synchronization between the platforms.

Hi Team, is there any solution for my above query?

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Thanks for the update here, @yadwinder

The Adjust Quantity By field would only add or remove values from the current quantity total in Shopify: 

The Set Quantity To field should allow to set the current quantity total in Shopify to match whatever value has been added into it. 

So if the quantity total in Shopify needs to match what’s on the Squarespace form, in the Set Quantity To field, you’ll need to select a field from the Squarespace trigger step that contains the quantity value you want to update the quantity total to. 

Then when the Zap runs whatever numerical value is in the selected Squarespace field should be set as the quantity total for that product in Shopify.

Can you give that a try and let me know if that sorts it?

Hi @SamB Thank you for the update.

Okay, I will select the option in 'Set Quantity To'

However, only these options are available. Could you please let me know which option I should select?

Hi @SamB , is there any solution for my above query?

Actually, now I have free trail for Zapier, if there is no solution for it then I need to move on another platform.
And I don’t want it.

Thank you.

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Thanks for getting back to me @yadwinder. Sorry for the delay in a reply here - happy to keep troubleshooting this with you if you’re still interested in getting this up and running on Zapier. 🙂

Hmm, from the screenshots it looks like the test record brought in from the Squarespace form doesn’t have a quantity field. It also looks like the form might be being used to take orders am I understanding that correctly?

If so, then I think the previously mentioned approach of using the Adjust Quantity By field (and not the Set Quantity To field) would be the way to go as it would allow the Zap to remove the quantity being ordered on the Squarespace form from the current quantity total in Shopify. 

With regard to which option to select, does the form itself have a quantity field to indicate how many is being ordered?

If yes, can you confirm if a quantity was supplied for the test form submission pictured in the screenshot? If a quantity wasn’t supplied then can you try resubmitting the Squarespace form ensuring that a value is entered into each of the fields. That way the relevant quantity field should then come through as an option to select from the Squarespace trigger.

Looking forward to hearing from you!