Salesforce error: Could not create record of the "Campaign" object, insufficient access rights on cross-reference ID.

  • 11 April 2023
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I am having an issue with my first zap.   When there is a new eventbrite event, I want to create a new campaign record in Salesforce.   I am the sys admin in the Salesforce sandbox with the Marketing User checked on the user record.   I can create a new campaign record in Salesforce without issue.   I am populating all required fields using Zapier, it is just 3 fields that are needed.   I am the user logged into Zapier.   All help is appreciated.

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2 replies

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Hi @learningeveryday 

Good question.


This usually means that a Salesforce admin has restricted updates or insertions on that particular field(s) listed in the error message. You’ll need to contact your Salesforce admin to get the necessary permissions for the action.

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Help article from Salesforce:



To debug API Error 'insufficient access rights on cross-reference id'


There are six documented, specific examples of when this error can occur.  They are detailed below, with possible cause/suggestions. However, the error may occur for a new, undocumented scenario also.

Scenario: When creating a record and attempting to assign it to a new user in the same call
Possible Cause: Create a record first, and in a separate call update the record with a new OwnerId.

Scenario: The record type Id is not a valid record type id for the object that is being manipulating.
Possible Cause: Correct the Record Type Id.
Scenario: Assign a record to a user who does not have profile access to the record type.
Possible Cause: Add profile access to the used record type.
Scenario: Assign a record to another user but assigning user's profile does not have access to the record type.
Possible Cause: Add Record Type to your user profile.

Scenario: Assign a record to a Partner Portal user and the user does not have access to Internal Salesforce.
Possible Cause: Add a NetworkScope column including the ID for the Community you are working with. 
Scenario: A lead submission invokes an auto-response e-mail notification, but the e-mail template used in the response is contained in a folder to which the user does not have access.
Possible Cause: Find which e-mail template is invoked in the auto-response rule; check the folder permissions for the folder that contains this e-mail template; ensure that the user making the API call has permissions to access this folder.
If none of the above scenarios apply to you, then consider any possibility whereby any record associated with your action, referenced directly in the API call or by any resulting trigger / workflow / autoresponse, is accessible by the user making that API call.