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Quickbooks integration doesn't work for different customer labels

  • 14 February 2024
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We are a nonprofit and if we use the term “Donors” from the list of available customer labels within QB it will not find the existing record. Please consider adding all the Customer Labels when finding a record from QB. 




Best answer by Blue Water Surrender Inc 14 February 2024, 20:32

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Hi there @Blue Water Surrender Inc. Welcome to the Community! 👋

Can I just double-check is it that you want to be able to search for an existing user that has a specific tag added? Or is the customer label not shown in the information output by the Find Customer action for the contact it found?

Or perhaps, is the issue more that the Find Customer action isn’t finding any customer that has that specific Donor customer label added? In which case, can you confirm whether it’s able to find the correct custom if the customer label is removed form the customer in QuickBooks? 

Thanks, I look forward to your reply! 


Well I remade it and it’s working now. 


Just for reference, this label changes the name of Customers inside QB to Donors. Not to do with tags. Thanks for checking. It appears to be resolved.

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That’s fantastic news @Blue Water Surrender Inc! 😁🎉

Ah, well spotted - sorry I meant to write label not tag previously! Really pleased it’s working now, hopefully it was just a temporary glitch that cropped up. But if anything changes on that do let me know and we’ll pick this back up.

In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡