Problems updating dynamically a row in Google Sheets after using ChatGPT


I use Google sheets as a trigger.

Once a new row is added or a row is updated, the content of the “Contenu site web” column is sent in a conversation to chat gpt. 

The objective is to save ChatGPT’s answer in this same row, in the “Article” column.

To do so i have 4 steps : 

  1. trigger in google sheets
  2. Conversation in ChatGPT
  3. Lookup spreadsheet row in google sheets
  4. update spreadsheet row in google sheets

I have put the ID found in step 3 in the “row” field in step 4, and i chose the “answer” from chat gpt to be added to the “Article column”

However, this is the error i get : 

I don’t understand the issue, do you have any ideas ?

Best regards

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Hi @artemisconseil, welcome to the Community! 🙂

Hmm, the error mentions “sporting club angevin d’education canine” but I’m not seeing that anywhere in the Action section of the Update Spreadsheet Row action. Was that value selected for one of the fields (like the Spreadsheet or Worksheet fields for example) and since was changed? 

If so, try clearing the selected spreadsheet/worksheets from the Spreadsheet and/or Worksheet fields. Then reselect them before testing that Update Spreadsheet Row action again to see if that fixes the error here?

Eager to ensure you’re all set here so please do let us know how you get on with that!

Thank you :)  this is the action part : 



the fields didn’t change in the sheets.. :/

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Hi @artemisconseil 

Good question.

Try reselecting these 2 fields.

  • Spreadsheet
  • Worksheet