Problems Schedule multiple_images in BUFFER from Airtalbe

  • 20 February 2024
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I am having trouble automating the scheduling of "carousel" style content (multiple_images) to Buffer. I have the content stored in cells in Airtable, and in principle, when the content is anything but multiple images (carousels), it works for me, but with the carousels, I don't know why not.

I get the error: Failed to create an update in Buffer End-Of-Stream

I was trying to upload the images directly from Airtable, but just in case it was a problem that the URLs generated by Airtable are temporary and it failed because of that, I am first uploading the images to Uploadcare to get the link from there in case that was the problem, and I still get the same error.

I have tried compressing the images as well. And the ZAP doesn't work well either.

There is a quite strange thing that happens, when I am configuring the ZAP, and I go step by step testing each step, in principle they all work well, but then when I test it for real, it does like a kind of re-schedule and gets rescheduled for later because it gives some kind of error.

Just in case it was a matter of timing synchronicities and such, I have tried to put a 30s timer between the upload to Uploadcare of the files, and the upload to Buffer. And it still gives me essentially the same error.

I don't know, I've tried everything and I don't understand why it doesn't work properly in the case of carousels.

Can someone give me a hand?

I attach a video explaining the whole process:




4 replies

​​​​​​These are the 2 errors than I have a lot of times

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Hi there @Jose Light,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Regarding the error of “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'ext')”, this error seems to be related to the file extension that you’re trying to upload to Buffer. 

Do you expect those links to be links to image files (.png, .jpg, etc...)? It's possible the files no longer exist - or the links no longer work to open the actual image files.

Next - for the End of Stream error - since those all happened at the same time - my guess here would be that we are overloading Buffer with requests in some way. I'd typically add a Delay After Queue action to the Zap at Step 2 when that is the case:

Hopefully, this helps!

FIrst of all, thank you so much for your answer!

Can you explainme please exactly when you say “I'd typically add a Delay After Queue action to the Zap at Step 2 when that is the case:”  
What do you mean in Step 2?
Where do you put this delay in my workflow?


Noted that, in “multiple_image” option in Buffer, you have to put all the URLs in the same zap, at the same time, you dont make 1 step for image, I dont know if I can make a delay between a image uploaded and the next. I dont know if I’m explaining me.

Thank you so much!!


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Hi @Jose Light,

I’m so sorry for the confusion here. What I meant was to add the Delay After Queue action before the  Buffer step.

Hopefully, this helps!