Pipedrive error: troubleshoot error 400 (bad request) in response and nothing is found

  • 30 November 2022
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I have the problem that I simply want to find a lead in Pipedrive, while looking up for the persons ID. I always doing this with finding deals too. But I always get this troubleshoot error 400 (bad request) in response and nothing is found. But in Pipedrive everything looks fine. The contact is connected to the lead and the persons ID is also correct. By the way I tried to pull other IDs as well, I always get this response.


Trigger: An invitee created an event on Calendly
Find person in Pipedrive with email address ✅
Find Lead in Pipedrive with the found contact (previous action) id
❌ troubleshoot error
ℹ️ If I use the title instead of the persons id, it works.
▶ That's why, I think that the person's (contact’s) id field isn't working.

 Am I doing anything wrong? 

Thanks a lot,



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4 replies

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Hi @Finanzheld!

The Pipedrive Find Lead step should work with the different fields from Pipedrive. Can I double check that the field you’re searching for in the Find Lead step is the Contact ID and not the Lead ID? 


If so, could you share a screenshot of the Find Lead step so we can see how it’s configured? Don’t forget to remove or obscure any personal or private information in any screenshot you share in the community (eg full name, email address, etc).



Hi @Danvers !


Yes exactly, Calendly provides me the email of my client and Zapier identifies that contact at first and then identifies the linked lead to that contact of that previous action at second.

Please a loom here (the data shown are about test data: 

Please find the screenshots here:



And then I get this here in response: 



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Thanks for all of this @Finanzheld!  Our support team can take a look at the logs associated with this error you are getting and get to the bottom of this for you quicker than we can via Community!  Please open a ticket here and we will for sure help you get to the bottom of this: