Paths not running despite the conditions being met

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I added a path to run at the end of my zap that has opposite conditions, If text contains true, run path A, if text contains false, run path B. 


During testing the sample data will always confirm that one of the paths would have continued. 

When it actually runs, i’ve only had success 10% of the time, with all other times showing that all paths did not run. 


Is there anything I can provide to make this easier to troubleshoot?

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Best to check your Zap Runs for help troubleshooting why a Path did or did not execute:


Can you post screenshots with how each of your Path Filters are configured?

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Hey, @ABAR ! Just wanted to check in to see if you still needed help here. If you do, can you send a screenshot of your Paths configuration? It’d also be great to see a screenshot of a Zap run that didn’t perform as expected (please obscure any sensitive info) so we can compare it to your filters.

​I'm keen to get to the bottom of this so your help is greatly appreciated!

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Hey @ABAR!

A few things you can check:

  1. Is there a particular path that always seems to be the one that succeeds, when it runs (in other words if you have TRUE and FALSE as options, does it seem to always be one or the other that works)?
  2. Are there any typos or missing things in the path rule?
  3. Is there always a value in your field, meaning that it will always be TRUE or FALSE, and not completely empty (or some other value).
  4. You mentioned that you’re looking for TRUE or FALSE. If you aren’t already using the (Boolean) True and (Boolean) False options, can you try those? So, these options instead of something like (Text) Contains:

Can you see if any of that helps?