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Outlook Images not showing

Hi all

I have a zap: 

  1. Smartsheets
  2. Fliter
  3. Email send HTML from outlook


Issue: My image links are public but they do not show on the test.

I  have changed my img src=  in my html with the following urls:

  • Saving the images on onedrive set to public
  • Saving the images on Google Photos set to public

Other: I don’t have any other mailers what can I use so my images display in my table in outlook?


The links and the email format looks good it is just the images


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Hi @ng67 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Before we dig deeper into this, could you send send screenshots of how you’ve configured the steps of the Zap? (If there’s any personal information, kindly blur them.)

That’ll help me make sure I give you the best suggestion possible.




Are those okay :) 

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Hi @ng67 

Thank you for the screenshots.

Can I confirm if you already tried accessing the URL on your browser? If so, did it work?

Also, is the URL coming from SmartSheet?

Looking forward to your response!

Thank you for your time @Charie !

Yes - both the Google and Onedrive links work in the browser in incognito 

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Hi @ng67,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Could you please try pasting the direct download URL link coming from your Google Drive or OneDrive to the “Attachment” field in your Microsoft Outlook action step?

Please keep us posted! 😊

Hi @ken.a 


Thank you for your help - 🙂

Sure - Here are both 

Google Photos



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Hi @ng67,

Thanks for the links. Could you please try pasting that on your “Attachment” field on your Microsoft Outlook action step in your Zap?


Hi @ken.a 

Thank you for the suggestion - 
It does attach it in a zip but does not load in the body 


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Hi @ng67 

I just wanted to let you know here to add that sending multiple attachments with the Microsoft Outlook integration doesn’t appear to be fully supported.

We have a feature request open for the ability to send multiple file attachments with the Microsoft Outlook integration so I’ve added your vote for that. I don’t have an ETA on when it may be possible but we will be in touch by email as soon as it is! :) 

Mod Edit: For anyone else that comes across this and wants to send multiple files too please reach out on the main topic for the feature request here: 

We’ll be sure to share any updates on that main topic so please subscribe to it if you want to be kept informed of any developments!

Hi @Brem 


Thank you for sharing. That means I am stuck on my project. Do you know of any mailers I could use in this instance. I was testing MailChimp but it wants to send the email to the campaign list and not the individual on the smartsheets row.

Appreciate your time and help 

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Hi @ng67,

I would recommend checking out the Email category on our website to browse through a variety of email applications. This category includes a list of the top 10 most popular email apps that are commonly used. You can access this category by clicking on the following link:

Hopefully, this helps! 😊


Thank you @ken.a 

I had a quick look at that list and I did try do the same in Gmail but found that the images also had an error - do you know which of these options would work if tried  with images - (Trying to save some time on a project)

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Hi @ng67,

Thanks for taking a look at our email apps. You mentioned that you tried Gmail but the images still errors. Mind if I ask what kind of link you added in the "Attachment" field? Just so you know, the "Attachment" field needs either the file object or the direct download URL of the file. Have you tried pasting the direct download URL of the image in the "Attachment" field by any chance?