OneDrive: Find file in custom folder is not working

  • 23 April 2023
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I usually prefer working with Google Drive but I can’t this time.


I want to trigger if there’s a new folder in OneDrive - works!


Then I want fo find a file within this folder - does not work!


The filename is meeting_saved_closed_caption.


I have already removed all special characters like suggested here:


For the folder I am working with the Folder ID provided from the trigger.



Any suggestions?


I want to save my caption transcript from Zoom as txt file. OneDrive is only for private use.

3 replies

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Hi @Sandra Hoffmann 

Good question.

Try using the Folder Path instead of the Folder ID.


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Hi @Troy Tessalone 


I’ve tried nearly every possible combination. Nothing seems to work.

With the folder path, I get this response:

In my opinion, it seems to be a bug. What do you think?

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@Sandra Hoffmann 

The File Path should be used. (see screenshot)

However, I’m unable to successfully find a file using a partial match or a full match (with and without the file format).

I’d raise this issue with Zapier Support: