Omnisend error: Error from halted execution: 11 errors found: name is too long or not allowed characters detected

  • 3 October 2023
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I am trying to send data from Google sheets into Omnisend using zapier. When I map my Google sheet fields with zapier, upon testing it says, “Error from halted execution: 11 errros(s) found: name is too long or not allowed characters detected”.  Here is the screenshot: 


Now the problem is, this alert doesn’t tell what exact rules are to give legal names to the custom property fields. 


I need urgent help regarding this 


Thanks :)

2 replies

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Hey Charlie!

My first guess is that the input data to the Omnisend task is not formatted properly which can be a result of misfunctioning in the previous steps (Google Sheet). But to be sure what is the issue it requires more context. The input of this task and the output of the previous tasks might help.

Also if you need someone to jump in and solve it end-to-end, feel free to DM me

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Hi there @Charlie.Bramble,

Before we dig deeper, did you give the “Skip test” button a try and then publish the Zap? Are you still seeing that error when the Zap goes live in the Zap history?

Please keep us posted! 😊