Not all records are created/updates in Salesforce from Airtable

  • 18 January 2023
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We have integrated Airtable with Salesforce using Zapier. We have created the zap to update or create a record in salesforce when any record is created or updated in Airtable. In this only 100 records are created or updated in salesforce, rest of the records are not updated or created in salesforce. These records are triggered manually. Can anyone able to help me with this? 

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7 replies

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Hi @Bhuvana!

Could you share a bit more information so we have a clear picture of what’s happening?

Did you try to trigger on more than 100 records at the same time? If so, you may have run into the ‘flood protection’ measure, which prevents a Zap from triggering too many times in a short period of time. You can learn more about that in this guide: Rate limits and throttling in Zapier. In the Zap history for the Zap, if the tasks say ‘Held’ this is likely why.

If that’s not what you are seeing, please could you describe what happened (eg when the records were added/updated) and what you can see in the Zap history for the Zap. 



Hi @Danvers Thanks for your response.

     We have imported more than 300 records from the Airtable at a same time. The Zap history is available only for the 100 records updated. The rest of the records doesn’t have any zap history. We found that these records were not updated when we compared Airtable records with Salesforce records. The zap history is also not available for the remaining records.

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Hey @Bhuvana thanks for letting us know! I do know of a 200 row limit when triggering from Airtable as well as the 100 record throttle limit Danvers mentioned, but if neither of those appear the be the issue, your next best step is to contact our support team:

Helpful information to include would be the name/ID of the record that was supposed to trigger but hadn’t and the approximate day/time it was added. From there, they should be able to check into some logs and give some additional insight! 🙏

Is there any Pagination limit to trigger records from Airtable?. If any pagination limit is there how to solve it?

Can anyone tell how the Zap handles offset value and how to pass the offset value in next request?

Page size limit in Airtable is 100. We are assuming that this error is caused due to this limit. We are planning to use Loop by zapier activity to solve this issue. Please suggest if any other activity can be used to solve this issue. We got 100 records from airtable using Webhook GET activity. How to fetch first request offset value using Loop by zapier activity and how to pass the records to salesforce. How to process the next set of 100 records after passing the offset value to the next request.

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Hi @Bhuvana 

I found a couple of useful looking questions on the Airtable forum and Stack overflow related to getting more than 100 rows in Airtable and using offset values:

Airtable community: Using offset pagination to get multiple pages of records in GO

Stack overflow: How to get more than 100 rows using Airtable API using offest?


Webhooks by Zapier isn’t really designed to handle things like offset values, though if you need to store the value for use in a later step you can use Storage by Zapier. Overall it sounds like you if you want to create your own Airtable trigger, you would be better using the Zapier platform to create your own custom trigger for Airtable.