No options available error when setting up WooCommerce trigger.

  • 24 April 2024
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I want to set up woocommerce trigger.
However, errors are below.

"No options are available.
Some reasons this could be happening:
Confirm if you connected the right account.
Confirm that there is data in the partner app.
Confirm that you have permission to the data in the partner app.
There was an issue retrieving data from the partner app. Please try again later."

how to handle it?
please tell me.

2 replies

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Hey @yamat ,


Can you share more on what are you trying to automate with WooCommerce?

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The issue you're encountering could be due to an element on your site that's altering the REST API output. This usually happens when debug output is enabled, or a plugin changes the REST API response, preventing the integration from being recognised.


To resolve this, please get in touch with us directly through our official support channel:


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