Need help with Connecting an Instagram Business Page with a Different User Email

I have the Facebook page connected to create my ZAP.  The Instagram business page is using a different use email.  I am not able to connect to it because  it keeps trying to connect to an Instagram account with the same email as Facebook.  How can I connect?

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Hi there @csalmon - Rachael here from the Community team! This should be possible- it may be helpful to share a printscreen of your setup to help us see where you’re running into problems (with any personal info removed!). 


Also- there is this guide on connecting to Instagram that has some helpful print-screens for you to check out the Instagram setup side of things:


Let me know how it goes and how you get along with this setup!



The Instagram account is connected to the Facebook account but it should be connected to a different Instagram account


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Hi @csalmon,

If the wrong account gets connected in Zapier when you try to connect an app account, try doing it from a different browser or a private/incognito tab where you’re not already logged into any Instagram accounts.

You will then be able to choose which specific account to use. As it stands now, it sounds like you’re being auto-connected because you’re already logged in.

Can you give that a shot?

I have tried that.  How to I connect to an instagram account with a different userid than facebook?


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Hey there, @csalmon - thanks for sharing that. 

Apologies if this feels redundant or I’m misunderstanding, but since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the login pages for both of these apps will look exactly the same. It sounds like you were able to successfully login to the correct account with your trigger step, which is great!

If this is the action step login page where you’d like to use a different account, you would just need to use whichever login email and password you typically use to login into Instagram. This is a screenshot of what I see when I try to connect to Instagram. It bumps me straight to a Facebook login:

I would recommend using a different browser or a private/incognito tab as Nick mentioned as it’s likely to default to connecting to that first account from the trigger step.

I hope that helps!