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Mailchimp campaign posts blank space on WordPress when triggering “New Campaign” and “Create Post.”

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Hi, I am trying to post my new Mailchimp campaigns on my WordPress site as a new post. I have setup the triggers: “New Campaign” and “Create Post”. I tested the triggers and they work, but for some reason a big white blank space appears before my html content on my new blog posts.

Is it possible to edit the html content of the automated post to remove these blank spaces?


Best answer by ken.a 4 August 2023, 07:31

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Hi there @JonathanKW,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Before we dig deeper into this, would you mind sharing a detailed screenshot of how your Zap is configured? It would be especially helpful to see the "Action" section of the “Create Post” action. Also, a screenshot of the post that has been made by the Zap. This will give me a better understanding of the situation

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thanks! 😊

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Hi @ken.a, thanks for your response.

Attached is the screenshot of the Action part of my Zap.

Kind regards,

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Hi @JonathanKW,

Thanks for the screenshots.

From what I can see, you've set up your Zap perfectly. However, I have a suspicion that the posts might be sent as a "Draft," which could be why they're appearing blank.

Could you kindly take a moment to double-check the mapped data in your WordPress step? Please ensure that no unnecessary data has been mapped or typed into the fields.

Once you've done that, would you mind giving the Zap another go while it's published? And if it's not too much trouble, could you share a screenshot of the post created by the Zap?

Please keep us posted! 😊

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I’m not sure where to check the mapped data in my WordPress step.


I tested the Zap once again and it still looks the same. I uploaded the screenshot or you can view the live post:


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there @JonathanKW,

Thanks for the update.

I did some digging into this, and it seems like you are running into a known bug with the WordPress integration where white box appears before the content. Our team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. I've added your email address as another affected user. That does a few things:

  • Bring this to the attention of the integration developers
  • Help track and prioritize fixes
  • Allows us to notify you via email if/when this is fixed

Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA, but I’ve added you to the list of users affected by this issue so we can let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Thank you for your patience understanding.

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Thanks for your response. Please keep in the loop with any updates.

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No worries! We will keep you in the loop via email once there’s a fix for the bug @JonathanKW,

For now, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Community. We’re always happy to help!