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Looping and Paths no longer available in Sub-Zaps?

  • 11 August 2022
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Earlier this year, we created a sub-zap with looping and paths. It’s a very important step for us that we re-create for many of our customers on their own Zapier accounts. It appears that looping and paths are no longer options within a sub-zap though?? I thought I had found a clever work around - when I googled “subzaps and looping”, I found a zapier page that allowed me to click a link and create a subzap with looping. The same for “subzaps and paths”. But I can’t seem to add both in one sub-zap.

Has anyone found a work around? Am I missing something? Is there a clever way to share the existing one that we’ve already created if I can’t create one from scratch? 

Thank you so much.

PS. This is for an integration between VistaSuite and QuickBooks. 


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I looked into this for you, and it appears that a change was released about a month ago that prevents users from adding a looping step or paths within a Sub-Zap. Both of those features tended to work only some of the time, often resulting in errors. You can see some of the limitations of Sub-Zaps listed here:

You could try sharing the existing Zap that you have, as a Shared Zap. But I don’t know that it will work properly or can be relied upon long-term, even if it does work. 

I realize that’s not what you wanted to hear, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Sub-Zap by Zapier is a beta app and was the first step in trying to build repeatable pieces that users could insert into other Zaps. We’re working on something more user-friendly, but I’m afraid I don’t have a specific timeline for that being released.

If you’re comfortable using webhooks you could send data from the first Zap using Webhooks by Zapier (POST), then trigger the second Zap with a Catch Hook. In that second Zap you can add paths/looping. BUT, if you need to send data back to the first Zap, that’s getting into “not likely” territory.

Check out this quick demo:


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Thank you for the response.


We are doing something I assume is relatively common, we are attempting to create Quickbooks invoice using the info from our ERP system.




to review if a product exists or not in Quickbooks and if not, create the product.



We do not pull any data back in, but we may have over thought the process as a whole. Are there any examples of other users creating multi line item invoices in Quickbooks using Zapier? Thank you.

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Hi @AmbryHill!

I might not have the complete picture but could you avoid using the Sub-Zap at all and just include that part right inside of your main Zap? Is that something that could be possible, or is there some part I’m missing that prevents that from happening?