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Line-items from Formatter not carrying forward to next step

  • 6 September 2022
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I have a trigger that gloms a bunch of needed data into one comma-separated string. So I set up a Formatter step to break that string into line items - so far so good.



However, my next step - adding rows to a Google Sheet is supposed to support list items, but I don’t see them when I go to populate the rows, just the ‘glom’ field containing all the comma-separated data:


I’m at a loss, appreciate pointers on what I’m doing wrong here.


Best answer by datacate 12 September 2022, 19:23

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5 replies

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Thanks for sharing these screenshots, @datacate! It looks like you set this up perfect to me! Awesome work. 🤗

I’m curious, and apologies if this sounds silly, were you already able to test this step and view it live in Google Sheets?

Is it still showing up as a “glom” of info there? Are you able to share a screenshot of how its populating in Google Sheets?

Keep us posted and we can go from there! 🙂

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Hello - I was not able to test it, because as you can see from the screenshots, I can’t get the individual line items into the corresponding Google Sheet columns because the line items are not showing up as a dropdown option in that step. 

What you see is where I am stuck.

I’m having a similar issue… for me the Output of the text zapier formatter stopped working - so same issue, not carrying through. It only stopped working this week, last week it was working seamlessly

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I was eventually able to get this working with some help from Zapier support.


My first issue was that VisitorQueue was supplying an array of arrays, and I only needed the first array, so I used Utilities in Formatter, Pick from list, Choose first to get that first array isolated:


Then I used Text in Formatter, Split text, All (as separate fields) to get a single set of items that appear as individual fields to the action zap:


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Hey @datacate! So glad you were able to get this working and many many many thanks for coming back in, letting us know, AND sharing screenshots of the solution. Thank you!!