LawPay error: No valid payment types found for bank account xyz

  • 23 June 2023
  • 4 replies

I created a Zap that should create a charge in LawPay when a Gravity Form is submitted. I have the accounts connected correctly but when I test the Zap it gives me an error. I tried both the ‘Create Charge’ and ‘Create Quick Bill’ actions but neither seems to work.

4 replies

Also not sure why my post uploaded 38 screenshots - there should only be 4...🤔

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Hey there. @davedesigns - thanks for reaching out in community! 🙂

Apologies the screenshots didn’t come through are you able to try once more and/or describe the error you’re seeing and where it’s occurring? Can you also let us know which trigger you’re using with Gravity Form as well?

Not super familiar with LawPay myself but I did notice it’s in beta and relatively new to the app directory. We’ll definitely do our best to troubleshoot with you though! 🤗

Looking forward to digging into this with you!

Hi @christina.d - it looks like the screenshots on my OP are fixed now 😅

I created a trigger with Gravity Forms - On Form Submission, connected our GF account in WordPress and selected the appropriate form. That tested good.

Then a LawPay action should Create a Charge for $375 using the name and email from the submission. I’m assuming that sends them an email that will take the user to a payment page where they would enter their details and checkout.

The error I get with the Create a Charge method is ‘The value is not valid’. When I try with Create a Quick Bill and select the deposit account, I get the error ‘No valid payment types found for bank account xyz’.

Am I missing a step? Thanks for your help!

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Hey there, @davedesigns - thanks for those details!

Apologies I should’ve mentioned this is what we’re seeing on our end with the 4 attachments and aren’t able to see them.

Regarding the errors you’re seeing:

‘No valid payment types found for bank account xyz’.

Can you verify in your LawPay account that the accepted payment methods are setup? I wasn’t able to find any documentation on their end of where to check but guessing it may look something like this.

‘The value is not valid’’

For the Create a Charge method we may need to see the screenshot of the value in that field currently before we can troubleshoot further. Is that field populating from Gravity Forms or is it a static number?

Keep us posted! 🙂