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Knack error after performance upgrade: "Required field "Search Value" (search_key) is missing."

  • 8 August 2022
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I’ve noticed that Knack no longer seems to pass derived values from the Database records to Zapier like Text-concatenation fields and autoincrement fields.

It causing a lot of problems because we use these values in Zapier to pass as text searches to Zendesk

e.g subject:<derived_value>

where <derived_value> is a text concatenation of field_a and field_b.


We now get errors in Zapier 

"Required field "Search Value" (search_key) is missing."


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9 replies

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Hi @adbell!

I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble with the Knack Zapier integration. Do you know if this is happening every time the Zap runs, or only sometimes? And just to double check, do those concatenation fields look good in Knack (ie before they’re sent to Zapier)? Also, I’m guessing that the fields are custom fields, is that right?

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Hi Danvers.


It turns are it is not just derived fields. No field values are being passed by Knack to Zapier when using the “Updated Record” event in Zapier.


I’m sure it coincides with Zapier’s recent performance upgrade - so maybe the API is broken for this event type.

Weirdly, the values are successfully passed in Zapier Test Mode but nothing is passed in a Zapier Live/Automated Run.



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Hi @adbell,

Thank you for posting in the Zapier Community. Happy to help! 

After digging into this, it looks like this is related to an issue with the Knack integration. Other users have been experiencing this same error, and I have also found that there is an open bug report that documents this.

I have alerted our Community Moderators about this and so they can take a closer look. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



Has there been an update on this situation?


Kind regards

Pablo De la Garza

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Hey there, @Pablo De la Garza - thanks for checking in.

Sorry to say, we don’t have any updates to share at the moment. I did go ahead and add you as an impacted user though! Once a fix is in place we’ll be sure to email you and keep the topic updated. 🙂

Hello @christina.d.

Please do keep us posted!


Kind regards


Hello @christina.d,


Hope this message finds you well.

Does the Zapier team have any news and/or updates for when a fix will be implemented?


Kind regards


Hi @christina.d we are still facing various issues on our zaps that use the “Updated record triggers”.


Could you share with us any news?


Kind regards



The Knack team have informed us of a recent change last week that has resulted in our integration working again with success.

We’ve tested this throughout various zaps and apps and have found that the “updated record trigger” and its results are now working as expected.

I hope this aids other users that have been affected.

Kind regards,