Keap: Tag Contact not tagging the contact despite a successful run

  • 13 February 2023
  • 2 replies

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I have created a zap connecting 
1. Calendly
2. Keap (find function)
3. Keap (tag function) 

In the history of zap it says that contact has been tagged, however when im looking inside keep the contact does not have any tag from zapier.  PLS HELP. 



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2 replies

Solved but not sure why…..
I created a second -  identical zap - and it worked the only difference is that I changed app from Keap to Keap Max premium. I am confused because I have Keap pro, not Keap Max so I thought Zap should run on the regular Keap app not Keap Max premium….. Weird…. Someone can explain? 

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Hey @Janek159, welcome to the Community! 👋

Can you please share some screenshots of the Zap History showing the Data In and Data Out for that Tag Contact action on the original Zap? Please remember to remove or hide any private information like names, email addresses from it first.

Asking as I’d like to see what information was sent to Keap by the Zap when it ran. I’m thinking that maybe it wasn’t using contact’s ID from the Find Contact action in the first Zap, in which case it would be adding a tag to the incorrect contact. And it could be that in the second Zap it was pulling through the contact’s ID correctly. Do you think that could be the case here?

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