Issues with Zapier Storage

  • 29 March 2023
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I’m facing an issue with my Zapier storage.

I have a zap that is triggered by a webhook.

Every time it runs, it get the value from Zapier storage using a key, say key name is “keyname”.

Then it does a few operations and stores new value for the key “keyname”.

Problem is, on subsequent calls of this zap, Storage from Zapier cannot find a value with the key “keyname” and resets it to default value, thus erasing all the info which was previously stored in it. How can I solve this? Thanks!

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3 replies

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Hi @RhythmRider 

I'm sorry you’re having trouble with your Zap.

As much as I want to help you, I have limited access to your account and the issue seems to be dealing with webhooks as well. I suggest you contact our Support Team as they can dig deeper to what’s happening to the Zap. You can contact them here:

happy to provide any additional info. Main problem in a nutshell is this.


  1. Invoke “Get Value” for Zapier Storage for a key “keyname”. There’s no value there, so Zapier Storage will create it and set its default value which I configured. “foo” in this example. So result of this step is “keyname” : “foo” in the storage
  2. Zap performs its actions
  3. Zap invokes “Save Value” for Zapier Storage for the key “keyname” and value “bar”. I tested this step and I can confirm that after it the storage looks like “keyname” : “bar”. Everything is good now.
  4. Zap ends
  5. Zap gets triggered again.
  6. We’re going to step 1. but when “Get Value” is invoked, it can’t find anything under key name “keyname” so it creates it again and sets its default value. This is not expected as I stored the value “bar” there a minute ago.
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Hi @RhythmRider!

It’s tricky to tell what’s happening in the storage step without seeing how they are set up in your Zap. Are you able to share some screenshots os your Zap? Specifically, it would be helpful to see the different steps in the Zap (an overview of the Zap) and also how the Storage actions are set up. Don’t forget to remove or obscure any personal or private information in any screenshot you share in the community (eg full name, email address, etc).

Alternatively, as @Brem said, the Zapier Support team will be able to take a closer look at this with you.