Issues with Stripe to Xero Zap: Inaccurate discount fields affecting invoices.

  • 13 June 2023
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We have been using the “Invoice created” event in the Stripe integration to create invoices in Xero.


The “discount” fields seem to have changed, breaking our Zap.


It used to display the actual discount which we could send to Xero, but now it references a discount object:


discount: di_1MvyB1EsinRmtGCNhxCAdHXW


There no longer seems to be any fields that allow you to get the actual discount amount, meaning our invoices in Xero don’t match Stripe.


Has something changed in Stripes API? Can this be fixed?

1 reply

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Hey there @buildpass -

Welcome to Zapier Community! I’ve done some digging and don’t see any recent changes to Stripe API, you can check out their change-log here. But I will keep doing research on the backend and come back with any updates should that be the case. 

Now, let’s see if we can get this Zap up and running. My first request is if you can share some screenshots of your Zap set up (example)? Additionally, my instinct tells me that the discount field value is numerical, is that correct?