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Is there a way for Zapier to let the user know that the GitHub authentication failed?

  • 14 July 2022
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 I have created a zap with GitHub and my app. I am able to receive data from GitHub when an issue is created. When i go to my zap history i am able to see the zap runs as Success message. in case of an issue in my API, I am able to see Stopped message due to error. The problem that I face is that I am not able to see any message at all in the history in case I have revoked permission to zapier app in my GitHub account and then create an issue. Is there a way for the user in zapier to know that the account authentication is not working and the user has to re-authenticate the GitHub account. How does the zapier user knows whether the accounts in the zap is having authentication issue?



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Hi @instamyndmarch2017 

If there is an issue with authentication and Zapier is receiving errors, at some point you will be notified (if notifications are on in your settings) and eventually the zap will be turned off. 

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Hey @instamyndmarch2017! Just to build on what @GetUWired said, often account connection issues will surface as a 401 Error. From there, Zaps will no longer continue to work and may be turned off until the account is reconnected. 

Users can configure their email settings to be notified of Trigger/Action errors to prompt them to log in and fix the issues. 


Let us know if you have any other questions!