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when I log in to zapier this error always occurs and I can't access anything


Best answer by christina.d 15 June 2023, 04:27

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I'm having the same issue. I just started my trial today and I think I broke Zapier….sorry


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Getting the same error message!


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Having the same problem

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Me too 


Me too, I am panicking 😓


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getting the same error..

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Don’t Panic, they have some outage

Zapier Status


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The big question...are your zaps still zapping? What’s the reliability of the platform?

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Since the “Instant Triggers Reliability” is set to 0% I don’t think so :p

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Check the Zapier Status page:

There is an ongoing incident with Amazon AWS that is widespread and affecting many sites.


having the same issue. Have you guys found any solution yet?

Did Chat GPT break it?

Just kidding. It only lets you in to view your zaps, still can’t edit.

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Hey everyone!

As Troy mentioned above, there is a widespread AWS outage that is not only affecting Zapier, but many of our app partners. 

The most recent update from is:


You can subscribe to updates via this link: 


Please trust that our engineers are working diligently on resolving this incident, but the AWS outage limits what they’re able to accomplish.

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Hey all! I wanted to share this has officially been resolved.

The team is still completing their investigation but an email with more details will be sent out shortly!

Thank you so much for your patience and more to come soon.

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Hey everyone! 👋🏽 Thanks for your patience while the team completed their research!

Zapier is fully functional and as many Zaps runs as possible were replayed. I do want to mention, some of our partners may continue to experience higher error rates, even after our recovery. This may have impacted the successful replay of some Zaps.

Due to the scope of the outage, all error notifications were temporarily paused. The team is asking everyone to please review their Zap History to retry any impacted tasks. 

Now that our services are fully operational again, you’ll receive the same notifications as usual about Zap statuses.

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding! Please let us know if you have any questions - we’re always happy to help.