Intercom - lead create lead - how to choose the subscription list ?

  • 19 September 2022
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I am creating leads in intercom from a typeform form, and I would like these leads to be automatically susbcribing to ONE of my subscription list, but NOT to the other ones.


For now, i chose false there, but it subscribe the lead to all lists…


Thanks in advance,



5 replies

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Hi @Celiane_JS 

Good question.

Please clarify which Intercom Zap action you are trying to configure as it’s not clear in the screenshot.

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Hey there, @Celiane_JS! Thanks so much for reaching out and welcome to the Community!

Are you able to elaborate a bit more on your current zap setup? For example what specific triggers and actions you’re using in which apps?

It sounds like a Filter by Zapier step could work for you here but curious to hear what action you’re using in Intercom. 

Thanks and looking forward to hearing more! 

Thanks @christina.d for your reply !


Well, i have a typeform where i collect names, emails and some attributes and I created a zap to check on intercom if this lead exists and update, or create a new lead

When creating a new lead we can choose if the lead will be suscribing to our mailings or not.

In my case, i would like these leads to subscribe to one of my sbcription list, but not all…(exemple below, what i want)

I can’t see how to do that..

Thanks a lot in advance !



also thanks @Troy Tessalone - if you have any ideas for me.. :) 

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Hi @Celiane_JS!

There isn’t an Intercom action that specifically handles subscription to specific email lists, but you can add a tag to a lead or user. I’ve not used Intercom myself, are you able to set up something in Intercom where users are subscribed to a list when a specific tag is added?