Integration sendowl and airtable runs perfectly the test but it is not working properly

  • 24 August 2021
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Hi There!


Just created an integration between Sendowl and Airtable.

Once a payment is pursued in sendowl, the workflow creates a new record is created in airtable.

In Sendolw i asked for two custom fields, and i nees them to be included in a cell of the new record. That is how i programmed the interration.

The test runs perfectly and the created record includes this custom fields.

Hw, when the zapier is on and a new order is made in sendowl, zapier doesnt write the custom checkout field value in the new record.

I think it is kinda bug related to the actual timing of the workflow.

Any help?




7 replies

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Hi @Teatrero 

Check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step:

That may help give you a clue as to whether those data points are initially available.

Otherwise, also check your Airtable Record Activity History, to see if changes are being made to that field values.

Thank you!!!! Great idea.


I checked out both histories.

First case: Regular running of the automation.

The automation creates a record in airtable from some information of a completed buy order in sendowl

This is what happens

This is a screenshoot of the data imported by zapier from the sendowl order

The “order custom checkout value” should appear on the airtable record.

Hw, this this the record created, as it can be seen the API doesnt import all the date.

Second case. Testing teh zap

I repeated the process creating a new fake order and testing the zap and the test work perfectly


I thing this is kind of a bug



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Hi @Teatrero 

Can you should a screenshot of how your have the Airtable Zap action step configured with the data points mapped from Sendowl?




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I think the issue has to do with how the data is structured from Sendowl.

In the screenshots below, there are 2 fields for “name” and 2 fields for “value”.


Then when you have it mapped for the “value”, but I think what’s happening is when the Zap is ON and runs, it doesn’t know which “value” to map, and thus doesn’t send a value for the “Custom Fields” field to Airtable.


Yes!! what you mentioned is actually what i think is going on. But do you think there is any solution for that? All what i programmed on airtable depends on this custom field.

Should i open a ticket on sendowl?? zapier?? airtable????

Thanks for the help.

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FYI: Most Zap app integrations are created and maintained by the app developer on the Zapier Platform, rather than by Zapier, altho unsure who owns this Zap app integrations, so probably best to reach out to Sendowl.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here: