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Instagram error: The app returned "Access Denied"

  • 13 September 2022
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I have a Zap set up to go from an RSS feed (blog) on a website to post to a Facebook Page, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, we are trying to get it to also post to Instagram. As of right now, we keep getting an error that states -The app returned "Access Denied". I’m concerned that it may have something to do with the image format for Instagram. When tested it appears to go through correctly.  Any suggestions? 


Best answer by christina.d 23 September 2022, 22:07

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Hey there! Well that sounds frustrating, hopefully I can help. In the past, “Access Denied” has been an indication of permission settings needing to be adjusted. Can you please confirm you have allowed all permissions on both Facebook Business and Instagram accounts you are connecting with?  

There are currently three requirements to get this to work properly: 

  1. You are using a business page and not a creator account. 
  2. The connected Facebook user must have the “editor” or “admin” page roles. 
  3. Ensure you have provided Zapier with the proper permissions. 

Let me know if this helps! 😆

I have checked these three things and everything appears to be set up correctly. Could it have something to do with the image source? I’m trying to use the image from a Pinterest post on Instagram.

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Hi @caitlinofm!

Could you show us a screenshot of which field from your Pinterest you’re mapping? That could be part of the issue. 


Hi @nicksimard


I wouldn’t be surprised if I was using the wrong field for the image. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Thanks so much for sharing this, @caitlinofm!

I took a quick peek and it looks like this was shared in your ticket with support

I think the issue is that Instagram is trying to access that image from Pinterest before they're able to finish uploading and creating that image. If it tries to get access while it's still getting set up, it'll then generate that 403 error message.
To get around that I'd suggest adding a Delay step ( between the Pinterest and Instagram steps and set it to wait a minute between these steps. This way, it will give that Create Pin in Pinterest step a bit of time before it moves onto the Publish Photo in Instagram for BusinessPublish Photo in Instagram for Business step.

Did that end up doing the trick for ya? Keep us posted! 🤗

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