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If you are having a problem with zapier disconnecting from your Box account...

  • 17 November 2023
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PLEASE write in to tell them. This was the response I got when I contacted support:

I've done some digging into the issue, I've discovered that the problem is a known issue that's come up for a few of our users.
While a workaround isn't available, your notification is helpful, and we've proactively added your email to our bug report. I'm afraid I can’t provide an ETA for when this issue might be resolved because prioritization is largely dependent on the number of customers affected. You'll be the first to know via email when there's a resolution.

(I asked if it would be like a week, or a month or many months and they said)

I apologize, I don’t quite have a timeframe on how long it normally takes to fix bugs because there are so many variables at play. We consider the complexity of the bug, how many users are affected, and the scope of the issue when we prioritize issues. It also depends on whether the issue lies solely in our control or if we need to work with our partners at other apps to resolve it, so the timeframe can really range. We will update you as soon as the issue gets resolved.

So, if you are also having this issue please tell them, or we’ll all have to find a different service.


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Hello and welcome to the Community @Katy! 👋

Thanks so much for sharing this information with the Community here. I found the bug report that Support added you to and have linked it to this topic so that we can keep track of any affected Community members here as well. 

As with the Support team, we’re unable to share any kind of ETA on when you can expect a fix to be implemented by but, we’ll be sure to post any updates or workarounds we come across here in this Community thread. And you definitely get an email notification as soon as it’s been resolved.

Thanks again for flagging this with the Community. If there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime just let us know!

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Hi @Katy

Just wanted to follow up here to confirm that the issue has since been resolved. 😁🎉

So your Box account should no longer be disconnecting from Zapier unexpectedly. That said, if you find that you’re still having issues with the Box connection not persisting, please do reach back out to the Support team. They’ll be able to investigate further and can reopen the bug report or create a new one as necessary.

In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡