iAuditor "Inspection Completed" trigger not activating when a new report has been completed.

  • 6 July 2022
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The aim of my zap is to send a PDF, an editable link & a view only link of completed reports from iAuditor to a specific record on Airtable. The Zap worked for the test template in edit mode however once the zap was published it has not been triggered despite submitting new data (inspection completed button on iAuditor). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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Hey there, @ClearS! Thanks for reaching out - we definitely want to help! 

Hmm, do you mind clarifying the trigger you’re using with iAuditor? Also could you perhaps share some screenshots of your trigger and action setup (with any personal details obscured), please? That might help us troubleshoot a bit more with you.

Looking forward to digging into this!