I am unable to select an app channel when triggering on a new metric from Slack

  • 15 September 2022
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I just connected a new app to my Slack workspace and it posts messages regularly as an “App” in the “App” category underneath all my channels (and DM’s) in the lower left sidebar in Slack. 

This sort of “App” channel does have it’s own Channel ID that starts with “D” (where public channels usually start with “C”) so I am thinking that it must be a private channel. However, the App name does not show up when Zapier attempts to find the channel (in the Set up Trigger step). I also tried inputing the channel ID directly through the “Custom” tab in the Set up Trigger step, but still no luck there.

Has anyone successfully set up a trigger from a message from a Slack App before? If so, how did you get Zapier to recognize the channel?

4 replies

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I haven’t found anything that would indicate that this is possible using the Slack integration for Zapier, I’m afraid. 

Here are the possible events in the Slack API that one could trigger off:

I don’t see anything that would indicate that it’s even possible :(

Maybe someone else will have other information but as far as I can see, it doesn’t look like something that can be done.

You could try:

Maybe adding the app to a channel (public or private) would let you get those?


@nicksimard I tried adding the app to the channel, but still not receiving anything into the channel. I am thinking this is just a gap in their implementation of the app. I am just going to reach out to them to see if they can add messages into a channel. From there I can do what I what I think.

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Badge +9 Ahh, bummer. 😔 Please let us know what you hear back - we’d love to share this knowledge with other community members experiencing something similar!

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Thanks for the update. Sorry it didn’t work out, though. I wasn’t sure that it would. Just wanted to throw it out there in the off-chance that it might!