I am receiving errors when connecting LinkedIn to Zapier.

  • 30 June 2023
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I get a lot of error message on my email that it is one of my ZAP that does not work properly and it concerns a connection to LinkedIn. I would love personal help as I am not good at Zapier. Can you help me please

5 replies

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Hi @Daniel Garpenbeck,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I'd love to help you sort out the issue with your Zap. Before we dive deeper, if you could send over a screenshot of the error you're seeing, that would be super helpful. It'll give me a better idea of what's going on with the Zap.

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thank you! 😊

Hello, kind of you.



But I think it's set up wrong from the start the purpose is for my "robot" Ulinc to be able to send out more invitations is what only LLinkedIn approves and in my set up is not on you can see it, I can send another screenshot of how Ulinc wants it set up in Zapier.

Thanks in advance, Daniel

See text from Ulinc:


Invite manager will help you keep the number of connection requests / invites around the set level. By default it is set to 2,000 invites +-100.

Invites are withdrawn to make sure you can continue sending new invites.

To withdraw all invites set to zero. The process will take up to 5 days, depending on the total number of outstanding invites


Formulärets överkant

You can now manage your Connector campaign weekly communication priorities and activity levels.

In order to bring your productivity to the new level we implemented a Smart Hybrid 2.0 solution. Select your preferred communication methods, set preferred number of engagements for each of the communication methods.

To re-arrange communication method priorities click on the blue circle with an upper facing arrow 

To change activity level for each communication method set the bar selector limit anywhere from 0 (no activity) to max (will be used until the limit for this method is reached for the week). Once the limit has been reached, next available communication method will be used.

Example: You have Sales Navigator and you have found that ‘Open InMails’ work best for you. Set ‘Open InMails’ to the top priority and select your maximum limit of ‘Open InMails’ to be sent per week (in general max limit is 200/week). As your Connector campaign runs out of weekly ‘Open InMail’ credits or runs out of Open profiles, next communication method will kick in.
Say you prefer ‘Regular connection requests’ for you secondary communication method. Considering ‘Regular connection requests’ are limited by LinkedIn to 100 per week, you can set it anywhere from 0 to 100.
‘Invite by Email’ expands your connection requests capabilities. While ‘Regular connection requests’ are limited to 100 per week, ‘Invite by Email’ lets you reach out to hundreds more every week. No need to do anything to set it up, it works in the background using the "upload a list of emails to see who you know" function on LinkedIn.
‘Group messages’ can be a good backup option, though it often performs better than most think.

   Regular connection requests   


Sent: 0

   Invite by Email   


Sent: 0

   Open InMails   


Sent: 0

   Group messages   


Sent: 0


Formulärets nederkant

Webhooks (Zapier integration)

Webhooks allow for seamless integration with external applications. Ulinc webhooks are compatible with Zapier, one of leading and easiest ways to connect and integrate Ulinc with many popular web services.

To integrate:

  1. Activate a trigger below.
  2. At click "Make a Zap".
  3. Select "Webhooks" from the list of "Built-in apps".
  4. Choose "Retrieve Poll" and click "Save + Continue".
  5. Copy url from trigger below and paste to "URL" field on Zapier.

If you want to create another Zapier integration, click ‘Deactivate’ and ‘Activate’ next to the trigger. This will generate new sample data required by Zapier for integration.

Your Ulinc profile is now integrated with Zapier which also means it is likely integrated with your preferred apps!

New connection

Triggers when a new contact connects with you.


New message

Triggers on incoming message.



Sent message

Triggers when you send a message.


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Hi @Daniel Garpenbeck,

Thanks for the additional information.

Based on the error you’re seeing. I have a hunch that this is due to the setup of your LinkedIn action step. Could you please send a full screenshot of your LinkedIn action step that shows all of the fields in the “Action” section of the action step? Like so:

(view larger)

Thanks! 😊

Hi, see below.


Thanks in advance, Daniel



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Hi @Daniel Garpenbeck,

Thanks for the screenshots!

My hunch here is because of the typed static value in the “Update Content” field that’s why the Zap is running to a “duplicate” error. Does your trigger return a similar data that is typed in the “Update Content” field? If so, I suggest removing the typed static data, and replacing it with the mapped data from the trigger.

More about mapping here:

Hopefully, this helps! 😊