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How do I set up my Zap so that when a customer makes a reservation in Booqable, SignNow populates a waiver template?

  • 10 July 2022
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Looking to set up a Zap wherein every time a customer makes a reservation on Booqable, the customer details (such as Full name, Phone No, Address and Email Address) are sent to SignNow and populates a SignNow Waiver template with these details.


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6 replies

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Hi @SteffCosta 

it sounds like your Zapier flow would look like the following:


Trigger: Reserved Order in Booqable
Action: Create Document From Template & Send Free Form Invite in SignNow

here are some links on both apps


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Thanks @GetUWired. I did setup the steps above. It seems like the required info is getting pulled from Booqable. However, there is no activity on SignNow - no document gets created

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Hey @SteffCosta, how strange! Can you confirm a new reservation has been created after your Zap has been turned on? If so, do you see any successful Zap runs in your Zap History

If nothing is appearing there, a screenshot of how you have each of your steps configured would be helpful. Specifically, the “set up trigger/action” parts of each step. Just be sure to not include any sensitive/personal data when doing so. 

Looking forward to hearing back - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!

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Thanks for your help, @jesse! Here are some pictures of how I’ve set it up - I’ve only pulled up the field ‘Customer Name’ for now, for testing purposes.

Let me know if I’m missing something...




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Hey @SteffCosta Ahh, I see the issue! You have mapped a name into a field that is expecting a file object. Does Booqable send you a file to upload into SignNow? If not, you may want to switch your SignNow action to “Create Document From Template”. Let us know!

P.S. Here are some help articles that helps explain how to work with files in your Zap: 

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That worked! Thanks so much, @jesse :D