How do I change the test email address with Docusign Zap?

  • 30 September 2022
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I set up a zap between my CRM (Ontraport) and Docusign. 

I went to add another step in the zap, where once the client signs the contract it will tag them in Ontraport.

But when I go to add the event it only gives me one option, which is request a signature.  I did that in the first step.

How do I get it to populate the event of "completed signature"?


I think the problem may be that it isn't recognizing the signature.

How do I retest the Send Signature Request with a different email address?

7 replies

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Hey @Blkblessedlady just checking in to see how things are going here. Let us know if you were able to set up the Zap @MohSwellam was suggesting!

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This is why I was saying you need to set this as a totally new Zap :) 

The problem is that trigger is not an option.  It only gives me one option which is to request signature. 

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Hi @Blkblessedlady 


this would be another zap where the Trigger is Docusign > Envelope Sent or Completed > Envelope Completed 


In this new zap you can add the action for Ontraport

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This still would need to be configured and new screenshot posted in order for us to better advise.


The steps are configured like this:

Ontraport tags them as need to sign - which works

Docusign send the contract - which works

Ontraport tags them as signed - WILL NOT POPULATE this tag


I am not sure what the problem is.  But I think its because the test I did (which worked) is to an email address I dont have access too to sign the contract (a previous person I hired).  Now I want to send the test to my own email, sign it and see it that will allow the next step to populate.  Now sure how to add a new test email though?  

Not even sure if thats the problem


You can’t really see all of that from the picture 



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Hi @Blkblessedlady 

Good question.

Can you provide detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have context?