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Grow & Zapier - Not working - "reconnect this account"

  • 18 January 2023
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I am trying to connect (from Mediavine) to Zapier to connect into Get Response.  I have a brand new grow account and a brand new zapier account, but Icannot get them to connect.  It constantly tells me to reconnect the account as it  has expired.  



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5 replies

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Hi there @asocialnomad! Welcome to the Community! 👋

Sorry to hear you’re not able to connect to your account. I did some checking on this side and it seems you need to connect with an Admin account, that’s also a Mediavine Publisher

Is the account you’re attempting to connect both an Admin and Mediavine Publisher? If not, that could potentially be why it’s having trouble connecting properly. Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Sam

thanks.  I have two accounts, (the standalone was set up to test whether the connection with Zapier was working), and one that is a Mediavine publisher AND Grow admin.  Neither of them work and have the same issue.  I don’t believe that the issue is because one of the accounts is not a Mediavine publisher, as both accounts have the same issue.

Additionally, on the account that has both Mediavine publisher AND Grow, zaps that were created in the past work, its just new zaps that I try to create have the “expired, reconnect” issue.

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Thanks for clarifying that, @asocialnomad! 🙂

Hmm, in that case I’d recommend contacting our Support team. You can reach them here: 

They’ll be able to take a look into the authentication logs for your account to get a better idea of what might be causing these errors. I suspect there may be a bug with the authentication side of things but I can’t confirm from my side. Please do keep updated on this! 

Thanks, I’ve opened a support issue, will update here when I get an answer.  Cheers, Sarah

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Circling back here as I see Osas in Support confirmed Sam’s suspicions that this is a bug.

@asocialnomad Osas has added you to the list of folks impacted by this bug so you’ll be notified via email just as soon as it’s squashed! If we see workaround surface, I’ll hop back in and share here!