Freshdesk contact was not associated with the company when created via Zap.

can create company

can create contact


contact is not associated with company when created in freshdesk


also tables link doesnt work, so i cant dump the data and do a look up later


i think this is lacking some real common sense and missing a huge piece of the puzzle

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Hi @platinumnh 

Can you please clarify your question?

Providing screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured will help add context.

None of custom field or company is loading from freshdesk


every contact in freshdesk has a customer association field




also any custom field are not importing when refreshing fields

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The Freshdesk app does not currently support custom fields or update actions. However, one customer shared that they were able to update a custom field in tickets by making a Custom Request (Webhook) with the following structure:

company is not a custom field. integration is weak

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In addition to the above tip on custom fields, @platinumnh , I’ve created two new feature requests for you:

  1. Add Custom Fields to the Create Contact action
  2. Add the Company field to the Create Contact action

I don’t have any estimate on when those will get completed, but they’re in front of the development team at Freshdesk and with your email address associated with them you’ll hear as soon as there is an update.

Was there something else about Tables that wasn’t working the way you expected it to? I’d love to understand that feedback more thoroughly if you don’t mind.

tables was just not available on our new account, after multiple clicks and a few hours, the tables section was available.


we can create a company and look it up with zap, put it in a table and then look up the table when creating a contact so we can link the contact with the correct company id.  just missing basic field thats not custom in freshdesk contacts


also this has been reported for almost 2 years on the forums and nothings been done about it.

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Okay, so it sounds like the tables issue has been resolved?

> also this has been reported

There’s a lot happening in this thread, so I want to make sure what you mean by “this.” Are you talking about Freshdesk not having those fields on their integration? One thing you might consider is raising it with their support as well.

freshdesk not having basic NON custom fields.


support is non existent

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Hi there, @platinumnh! 👋

Sorry to hear you’ve not had a good experience with the Freshdesk support team on this.

Can I just double-check, is the feature request you mentioned regarding having non custom fields supported, the same one that was discussed in the Community topic over here:

Let me know whether that’s the case and I’ll be happy to get your vote added to that feature request, which will help to increase it’s priority. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you!